Figures of products.

Our products made with screen-printing:

Business cards, leaflets, wedding and programme invitation cards, self - adhesive
and product information sheet labels, business emblems, using guides,
labeled advertising goods, labeled CD-s and balloons, ect……..


Business card Leaflet Invitation


Self-adhesive sticker Self-adhesive sticker Balloon


Ball-point pen, Lighter
Paper bag


Products made with transfer-printed:

Different figures on Shirts, pictures in one or multi color printing,
numbering of sport wears, table and advert flags,
uniforms and textiles.


Textile bag
Table flag


Working clothes




National table flag
National flag
Advertising flag


The following products are on stock:

National and EU flags, cockades, sport bags out of textiles
and waterproof materials.


National cockades
National flag
National table flag


Linen sport bag
Waterproof sport bag